“Personal Identity Design: From Logos to Pathos to Ethos”

WORKSHOP (entrada livre)
dia 26 set, segunda feira – 17h sala 302 pav. carlos ramos
– Faculdade de Belas Artes da UP

“Personal Identity Design: From Logos to Pathos to Ethos”
A visual archaeology exercise led by Professor Steven McCarthy
University of Minnesota

Archeology is a field of study that attempts to learn about people through historical artifacts and monuments. Anthropology is the study of humanity in its current state. Why, then, would this exercise, in which we qualify and quantify our personal graphic artifacts, be called a visual archeology?

Steven McCarthy (MFA, Stanford University) is a professor of graphic design at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis–St Paul, USA. His long-standing interest in theories of design authorship – as both scholar and practitioner – has led to lectures, exhibits, publications and grant-funded research in over a dozen countries. His works of design authorship (artist’s books) are in numerous prominent collections and his academic writing has appeared in journals devoted to design, typography, new media and education. Presentations on typography have included the international conferences Design + Craft (Brussels), Type Writing (Birmingham), and Hidden Typography (London).